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Innovative Residential and 天计划 for Students with Dis能力, Including 自闭症

科罗奇山学校 (CMS), a program of Seven Hills 新汉普郡, hosts innovative special education, 娱乐, 艺术, 音乐, and vocational programming for students, 年龄在5 - 21日, who are on the autism spectrum, and/or have dis能力 and other challenges that are better supported in an alternative, least-restrictive environment to their local public school system. Students have the option to live year-round in the appointed residences on the sprawling campus located in Greenfield, 新汉普郡. Situated on thousands of acres of preserved habitat, CMS offers a therapeutic environment in which students are encouraged to explore and thrive. 

The school is fully licensed by the 新汉普郡 孩子 Care Licensing Unit as well as the 新汉普郡 Department of 教育 and is approved to serve up to 105 students. Residential ratios vary from 1:1 to 2:1 and class sizes range from 8 to 10 students. The residential program operates 365 days a year; the education program operates on a 220-day school year with 6.5 hours of instruction per day. These stellar attributes combined with the school’s diverse student profile offer an exceptional academic destination that is unparalleled throughout the state. 

Explore 科罗奇山学校's Therapeutic Environment:

  • 室内: 体育馆, 综合治疗室, 游泳池, 治疗池, 艺术的房间, 媒体中心, 保龄球馆, 农场项目教室, 专业厨房, 食堂, 学生住宿
  • 户外活动: On-campus lake, greenhouse & gardens, nature trails, 娱乐 areas
  • Vocational Opportunities: 员工发展 & exploration maximize each student’s interests & 能力.

The goal of 科罗奇山学校 is to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the least restrictive environment possible. 临床 services are integrated into the K-12 curriculum and the N2Y Unique Learning System. ABA; behavior management; occupational, 物理, 演讲, 娱乐al therapies and more complete each student’s day based on their individualized education programs.

Upon reaching their goals or the maximum age, transitioning students can choose to return to their communities or continue with on-campus adult programming at the affiliate’s Crotched Mountain 村.

For referrals or to schedule a visit, call 招生 at 603.547.1894年,今天!

Take a Video Tour of Our Beautiful Therapeutic Campus:

关于七山 新汉普郡

An affiliate of 七山基金, Seven Hills 新汉普郡 operates 科罗奇山学校, located on a sprawling campus in Greenfield, NH. The School is an innovative day and residential special education program for students, 年龄在5 - 21日, who are on the autism spectrum, and/or have dis能力 and other challenges that are better supported in a least-restrictive alternative environment to their local public school system. 临床 services and extracurricular opportunities are seamlessly woven into the academic framework of each student’s daily schedule. Seven Hills 新汉普郡 plans to expand its program models to support other children, 青年, and adults in with a variety of needs, drawing on the expertise of operations in other Seven Hills affiliates.