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A Passion for 质量 is the Hallmark of Care at Seven Hills

Employing both internal and external measures and reviews, Seven Hills consistently receives the top accreditations from its licensing agencies:

  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
  • The Massachusetts Department of Early 教育 and Care
  • The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary 教育
  • The MassHealth Office of Long Term Services and Supports
  • The National Association for the 教育 of Young 孩子们
  • National Commission for the Accreditation of Special 教育服务
  • 评审委员会
  • The Rhode Island Department of 网投十大信誉官方登录care, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
  • The Rhode Island Department of Human Services



The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the international organization that provides accreditation to recognize and promote quality service standards of excellence in human service organizations, has awarded Seven Hills a three-year award, 他们最高级别的认证.

连续第九年了, 七山儿科中心 has received a deficiency-free rating from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 和 U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道 has ranked the Pediatric Center as one of the top nursing facilities in the country with a consistent 5-star rating.

但我们不会止步于此. 在内部, Seven Hills continually assesses all areas of service overseen by the Director of Data Analytics and 质量 Enhancement, including a Balanced Score Card program, 团队监督评审过程, 正在进行的病例记录审查, and an integrated electronic health record system. Seven Hills also conducts Annual Satisfaction Surveys in all of its programs. 参与者, 家庭成员, 监护人, and funding agencies are all asked to provide feedback on the quality of services provided by 七山基金 and 子公司, 它是不断被审查的.

Data Analytics and 质量 Enhancement
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The 七山研究中心 is led by Dr. Kathee 约旦, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Joseph Ricciardi, Assistant Vice President and 临床 Director of 七山神经护理. Dr. James Luiselli is consulting to Seven Hills, bringing our 40+ years of expertise in research methods and publication. This report highlights the impressive research that has been published since the Center’s inception the current projects underway across our affiliates, as well as the presentations made by our esteemed staff members at regional and national conferences. 最值得注意的, is the representation of over 30 staff members at Seven Hills in this research process.

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七山基金 Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The organization's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged by the 七山基金’s President with the responsibility of reviewing research proposals for the purpose of protecting the rights of individuals who are subjects of any research, conducted by staff of the 七山基金. Federal Regulations place responsibility on the organization 和 Principal Investigator to insure that high ethical standards are maintained for all research involving human subjects.

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Dr. 凯瑟琳·米. 约旦
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七山基金 Promotes Human Rights

七山基金 continues to promote the rights and dignity of the individuals we support. The following documents are provided for families/监护人 of individuals encouraged to contact a Human Rights Coordinator to ask any question or discuss any concern. Please contact the administrative office that supports your family member to reach the appropriate Human Rights Coordinator (e.g., North Andover, New Bedford, Bourne, or Worcester).

Grievance Procedures and Human Rights Information:

The System for Safeguarding Human Rights

Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission Abuse Reporting Form

DCF 孩子 Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form


Report suspected abuse of persons with disabilities, DPPC 热线电话V/TTY 800.426.9009

Coordinator of 七山基金's Core Human Rights Committee
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