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Seven Hills Foundation

Therapeutic Lifelong Learning

天资格 services are provided in the community-based settings of Worcester and Devens in Massachusetts, 和文索基特, 罗德岛州. All programs offer integrated occupational, 物理, and speech therapy along with nursing and behavioral supports either on-site or in the community. Training is offered in functional life skills, health maintenance, fine- and gross-motor skills, 自主性, community utilization, 社会化, and communication.

Skill-based learning is offered through:

  • Community Navigation
  • Comprehensive Arts Curriculum
  • 纱织
  • 音乐疗法
  • Assistive Technology
  • Health and Wellness Curriculum
  • Gross and Fine Motor Rooms
  • Therapeutic Horticulture
  • 按摩疗法
  • Multimedia Clubhouse

Each 天资格 location provides an environment that reflects the needs, 利益, 能力, and desires of the participants. The programs operate Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. 到下午3点.m.,或早上8点.m. 至下午二时.m. All locations have specialists trained to assist people who are aging or who have significant medical involvement. All participants are encouraged to maximize their participation and their potential with the assistance of our skilled staff.


  • Offer opportunities for choice, initiation, and risk taking
  • Provide challenging, meaningful activities that promote personal growth
  • Encourage and teach maximal participation by providing increased opportunities for motivation, 独立, and 自主性
  • Capitalize on each person’s cap能力, strengths, and preferences
  • Offer respectful, dignified, cultural, and age-appropriate services
  • Provide therapeutically-based skills training